Quote: Swetnam Gives Us Advice

Againe, and againe I say, strike not one blow in a fight, at what weapon soever thou fightest withall, except it be a wrist blowe, and that you may aswell doe with a rapier as with a sword, for a wrist blow consumeth but alittle time, yet better use no blowe at all, but continually, thrust after thrust: for (in my minde) hee is a man ignorant and very unskilfull that will bee hurt with a blow, and if thou make an assault upon thy enemy doe not tarry by it, to maintaine it, for in making the assault distance is broken, wherefore recover backe into your guard and distance againe so soone as you can, and always let your ees be on your enemies face, and not altogether on the point, then you may be deceived, by the swift motion of the hand, for the motion of the hand is swifter then the eye or foot, many will set their eyes upon their enemies point, or upo his hand for the avoiding of this error, the best remedy is daily exercise and practise with another, and to play with more then one, otherwise thou wilt never come unto true defece for it is good to be acquainted with every mans fashion, for that tricke which will hit one will not hit another, and therefore be well experienced not onely in the true play but in the false; I meane for the defence and offence of both, that if thou canst not prevaile with one then use the other: yet take heed of hasty adventuring in…

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